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Bringing the world together with high-quality international voice telecommunication services.

42com International Ltd. is a UK company. As an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Service Enabler, the company positions itself in the value chain of international telecommunication between network operators and telecommunications service providers. 42com International Ltd. was founded in October 2018, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the 42com Telecommunication GmbH based in Germany and benefits from the customer and suppliers of 42com International Inc.

VoIP provider of international telecommunication around the globe

Already more than 300 companies of all sizes, from various industries and countries count themselves among the valued customers who rely on 42com’s VoIP switch and VoIP carrier services. These companies benefit from the 42one platform as the foundation for their successful businesses thanks to the unique advantages 42com provides including competitive international calling card rates, voice API, text messaging API, and overall telecom operation and management. The portfolio of 42com includes the familiar telecom VoIP switch solutions as well as individual wholesale and retail telecom provider offers such as the VoIP API and text messaging API.

Manage your VoIP switch customers easily with our web-based customer management and billing services

Manage success with our strong highly accessible web-based customer management and billing platform 42one. The platform enables you to control all technical and managerial aspects of VoIP provider services in real time. The cloud-based platform includes fixed line and VoIP telephony, interactive voice response and intelligent routing management. With 42one system, 42com guarantees maximum flexibility in the design of products, tariffs and services.
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