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As a carrier, you are exposed to permanent competition and cost pressures. Falling prices due to lack of price regulation as well as high quality routing demands are part of your daily challenges. With 42com as your partner, you have access to a variety of global interconnections with PTTs, MVNOs and MNOs, particularly from Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.
Our comprehensive offerings range from intelligent routing management with fast and flexible support, to our clear and easy-to-use billing module. With 42com, you will buy minutes with the best possible terms, giving you the opportunity to improve the profit margins of your product offerings. Telephone call routing is connected with the highest quality routes around the world.
In addition to the exchange of minutes with telecom operators, many retail SIP service providers are now relying on their A to Z volumes through 42com. Millions of retail minutes per month are scheduled on our 42one platform. Due to increasing retail traffic, there is an enormous potential for you to generate additional revenue through our VoIP wholesale termination services.
We are always looking for new business relationships with experienced VoIP carriers and SIP service providers to continue to provide stable telephone call routing at low prices, as well as VoIP wholesale termination and direct routing services. We look forward to working with you!

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Profitable Buying and Selling Exchanges of Minutes
  • Optimal Direct Connections around the World
  • High Retail Volumes
  • Individual Direct Routing
  • Attractive Prices
  • High Security Standards
  • Excellent Quality

Choose your business model:

VoIP Wholesale Termination

Wholesale Solution - Telecom OperatorAs an innovative ICT Service Enabler, 42com provides tier-1 operators, MNOs and OTTs with stable direct routing connections in all countries through trusted carriers around the world. We specialize in serving lucrative niche markets.
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Retail Termination

Wholesale Solution - Service ProviderTake the opportunity to bring yourself into the international league! As partners, we do full retail minutes termination at a low cost on the highest quality routes of international PTTs without any administrative effort on your part! Phone call routing at its best.
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