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Retail Voice

Take the opportunity to bring yourself into the international league! As partners, we provide retail minute termination at a low cost, to the highest quality routes of international PTTs, all without any administrative effort on your part. As a retail minute termination provider we have intelligence into the highest quality routes because we have access to trusted carriers around the world using our years of call routing expertise as a cloud provider with a VoIP switch.
Do you want guaranteed routes to outsource your entire voice traffic without any risk? With more than 10 years of industry experience and contacts to the best global carriers, we are specialists in this field. You can concentrate 100% on your business and leave the retail minute termination to us. Invest more time optimization of your revenue and profit levels, we will do the rest by providing the highest quality routes. See for yourself, become a partner of 42com and get guaranteed routes today!

Routing Options:

Through managed routing at 42com you will have no administrative responsibilities. 42com continuously monitors and automatically adjusts the quality and the prices of the routes, for you to ensure the highest quality routes for your retail minute termination. This gives you the security that your minutes are the highest quality guaranteed routes. Billing is based on a fixed price list which is regularly updated and provides you with optimum cost assurance with the highest quality routes for international calls.
In order to structure our routing operations to meet your goals, you have the option to choose between two quality levels: Gold and Platinum. We can also offer you our special Signum Routing so that you are able to connect to your own carriers and schedule your clients independently. 42com will make various carriers available to you, which provide different prices, connection quality and dial plans. No matter what plan you choose, we have have guaranteed routes of the highest quality.


Wholesale Solution - Service Provider - Gold RoutingWith Gold Routing, availability and voice quality are top priorities. When quality is compromised or limited in any way, an intervention response is activated in the routing process immediately to provide higher quality alternatives as they are available. For this reason, caller ID (CLI) cannot always be guaranteed. However, the option to guarantee caller ID routes is available to you by booking routes.


Wholesale Solution - Service Provider - Platinum RoutingPlatinum Routing provides guaranteed routes, first-class direct routes as well as direct transit routes to ensure crystal clear voice quality. Price and quality are provided in a very good balance. In the unlikely event of disruptions, an intervention response is activated in the routing and calls are re-routed to an equivalently high quality alternative. Caller ID (CLI) functionality is always provided under this option.


Wholesale Solution - Service Provider - Signum RoutingWith Signum Routing take advantage of the routes of the major carriers without having to directly negotiate with them. You can check on operations independently for yourself. You decide on standards of quality and carrier settings, and enable fast routing changes for conceivable disruptions and price changes. Billing is based on routing, you will benefit immediately from the price reductions offered by the carrier on your guaranteed routes.

Bilateral Trading Deals / SWAP Deals
Buying and selling of minutes as well as swaps
Interested in Bilateral Trading or SWAP Deals? Then please click here.
Managed Routing
42com manages full cycle routing operations
Self Routing
High Quality of Service
Guaranteed high and stable voice quality without restrictions
Q+++ Q+++++ Configurable
A-Z Termination
Call termination in all countries worldwide
CLI Transfer
Phone Number Transmission
CLI & Non CLI CLI, Fax, Roaming Configurable
Selection of Direct Routes
Direct transfer of calls to carriers in the target country
High Performance Routing
Low disruption risk through partnerships with global carriers
Least Cost Routing
Automatically select the best provider for each destination, ensuring expected quality
Professional Account Manager
Professional customer service and consultation provided by a qualified 42com Account Manager at Trading Deals
Special Offers
Special offers for certain countries
Routing Guarantee
Guaranteed termination of calls even with ongoing changes and fluctuations in the market situation
New and Competitive Rates
Periodic changes in the price lists to adjust for optimal basis of cost for price calculation
Monthly Monthly Daily
Availability of Customized Routing Tables
Free choice of carriers | Routing configured by the partner
Manage Master List
Create, upload, update and download the master price list | Management of costs, prices and margins
Access account balances, credit limits, routes, top destinations and traffic statistics, etc.
Monitoring & Optimization 7 Days per Week
Monitoring and optimization of real-time traffic by our qualified support staff
Speed Support
Prioritized processing of tickets and phone calls as well as immediate re-routing in case of failures or outages passthrough to platinum routes
Passthrough to platinum routes
Commercial Agreement
Contract Agreements
Standard Standard Standard
Carrier Accounting
Simple real-time billing and invoicing, billing history, payment and transaction history
Prepaid only Prepaid only Prepaid only
VoIP: SIP 2.0
TDM: ISDN, Q.931, SS7
G.729, G.711, T.38
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